Interesting Facts

Strange World Records

Biggest Christmas Pudding

Did you know that the largest Christmas Pudding ever made weighed over 3 tonnes and was made in Aughton, Lancashire in 1992. That's the same as 3000kg!

Christmas Cards

Did you know that the world record for the largest number of Christmas Cards sent is 62,824 which was set by american Werner Erhard in 1975. What a lot of cards!


Did you know that the world record of crawling is held by Jagdish Chandler of India. He crawled a staggering 1,400km in 15 long months. What a record!

Smallest Car

Did you know that the smallest car in the world is actually a suitcase. It sounds wierd but it's true because with a few clicks the suitcase turns into a mini car and can zoom along at speeds of up to 20mph.