Interesting Facts

Human Beings


Did you know that when you reach the age of 75 you will have breathed in and out a massive 600 million times!


Did you know that you use more muscles when you frown than when you smile! Yes, you use 40 muscles when you frown and only 15 when you smile. So why not save your energy and smile!!


Did you know that your nails grow at different rates! Yes that's right, the longer the nail, the faster it grows. This means that your little finger is the slowest of all your fingers.


Did you know that when you are asleep your discs between your bones in your spine stretch and end up being slightly taller than you were before. That's not all, during the day you shrink back down to your original size. Magic? No, it's only gravity pulling you down to earth!


Did you know that when you sneeze air travels through your nose at an incredible speed of 165km/h which is even faster than a hurricane!!!