Interesting Facts

Funny Food

Apple Wake Up

Did you know that apples are more efffective than caffine in waking you up in the morning!

Bread plates

Did you know that people used to eat off bread instead of plates until th 15th Century. The bread was made very thick and called a trencher.

Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum grows on trees? Well, not quite but it is made from a rubber like gum from trees. This tradition of chewing this gum dates back centuries to when the ancient Mayan people of Central America first extracted it.

Expensive Spice

Did you know that the most expensive spice is Saffron. This is because it takes 1,500 Crocus flower stigmas to make 1 gram of the spice. What a lot of flowers!


Did you know that the Laos tribe of South-East Asia eat drangonfly larvae and the Navajo Indians of North America consider locusts a tasty treat! How strange!

Metal Meal

Did you know that a woman who had a stomach ache in 1927, caused by 2,533 metal objects, including 947 safety pins. That must have hurt!