Interesting Facts

Extra Ordinary Weather Elements

Australian Heat

Did you know that people in Coober Pedy, South Australia live underground to avoid extreme temperatures of up to 50 degrees celsius! They don't live like animals but in houses carved in the ground with everything you would expect in a normal house.

Iceberg Water

Did you know that wealthy Arab countries have considered taking icebergs from the Antartic to the Middle East to be used as a water supply.


Did you know that snowballs can be made by the wind! That's right, snowballs can be started when the wind blows snowflakes along the ground until a huge snowball is made!

Snowstorm Gift

Did you know that in 1967, 75 tonnes of snow fell on Chicago in America. The snow caused lots of problems until it was taken to Florida by train as a present to show the children what snow looked like!