Interesting Facts

The Animal Kingdom

Electric Rays

Did you know that electric rays can give off short bursts of electricity to stun it's prey. Yes, it's true!

Flashlight Fish

Did you know that flashlight fish can make pouches under their eyes glow to act like flashlights! This is because the part of the sea where they live is very dark as it is so far under the sea.

Flying Fish

Did you know that flying fish can jump out of the water and glide for over 100m. How amazing is that!

Hermit Crabs

Did you know that hermit crabs keep an empty shell on their back for protection. That's right and if it ever gets too small it finds a bigger shell and uses it instead.


Did you know that an octopus can squirt out black ink to blind an enemy's vision so that they can have time to escape. That is very clever!