Interesting Facts

The Animal Kingdom


Did you know that elephants can't jump! That's right, they can't jump because they do not have enough muscles in their legs to lift up their enormous weight!


Did you know that giraffes have the same number of neck bones as humans! Yes it's true we both have 7 neck bones!


Did you know that Native Australian Mice build a pile of pebbles outside their burrows to get a fresh supply of water from the morning dew!


Did you know that apart from us, pigs are the only animals that get sunburnt! That's why you won't see many pigs out and about in the midday sun!

Prairie Dogs

Did you know that prairie dogs say hello to each other with a kiss! Yes, it's true any if any of them don't they are excluded from the group.


Did you know that an ostrich egg is strong enough to withstand the weight of a fully grown adult! How amazing!

Sleeping Animals

Did you know that different animals sleep for different lenghts of time! Koala bears sleep for 22 hours, Cats for 15 hours, Elephants for only 4 hours and Shrews never sleep at all! How amazing!

The Yetti

Did you know that the Yeti is a large two legged monster that lives in the snowy Himalayan mountains. Although people think it exists no one has ever filmed it!